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I am about to take delivery of my Louet Spring (12 shaft) and was thrilled to have the opportunity to watch the warping video you did for Louet on this loom.  I suspect I will be studying it again next week once the loom is set up. In the meantime, I have a question concerning the DVD. I notice that your warp doesn’t have any choke ties.  When I warp my Ashford table loom I end up undoing the choke ties early as the threads are never behaving as they apparently should and recently I have wondered what would happen if I simply didn’t use any. My first project on the Spring will be a Tencel scarf, so not very wide and not too long (two scarves hopefully from the one warp).  I am tempted to follow your video and skip the choke ties – what do you think?

When I first learned to weave I used choke ties but eventually, I changed the way that I chained my warps and that allowed me to let go of choke ties with confidence.  I chain my warps very tightly which keeps them nice and tidy and you have nothing to untie as you beam on.  When you chain, don’t make the crochet loops too large, keep them small…..don’t put your whole hand through, just put your fingers through. You still have to tie the cross, never forget that.

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