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When I chain the warp off my warping board it quickly becomes twisted as I chain. I think choke ties would help. But you don’t use them. What am I doing wrong?

Don’t worry about it. It’s not a real twist like you put in a yarn, it is more of a spiral and it will unwind when you undo the chain. Mine do it too. Keep going……:^)

Interesting. I am ending up with a ‘disturbed section’ at the beginning near the raddle as I spread it across the raddle — more than you do.

After you have got it all spread out in the raddle move to the front of the loom and find a place in the chain where you can tell nothing has been disturbed.  Hold onto the chain tightly at that point and give the whole warp a tug and it will realign anything that may have become disturbed while spreading it out in the raddle.  Let me know how that goes.

Yes, I give it good tugs and today that did wonders.  I think the main thing may be keeping the tension as I chain off the board.  The board seems awkward compared to watching you on the warping mill.

Keeping tension on the warp coming off the board is very important.  I always want my board on a wall and not lying down on a table.  Then I walk parallel to the wall and the board rather than stand right in front of it.  This allows me to put tension on the peg that I am chaining against.  When I get to that peg I do ‘an about-face’ movement and turn direction so I can put tension on the opposite peg.  I also chain small, I don’t put my whole hand through the loop, just my fingers.  That really helps keep everything in control.  I am attaching a picture of one of my chains….you can see it is very small.  I don’t have to use cinch ties along the way because nothing can go anywhere.

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