Can’t seem to limit my draw-In

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I am making a wool afghan and I can’t seem to limit my draw-in.  I am letting the yarn be loose but I am drawing in almost three inches on each side, going from 46″ to 40″.  Any suggestions before I begin the next afghan.

Can you tell me what the yarn is, whether you are using plain weave or twill and what your sett is?  That info will help me.

Thanks for the response. I am not sure what the wool is. The epi is 8, it probably should have been 10. The ppi is 10 to 12. I am using a twill and floating selvedges.

You have your answer….if it is sett at 8 but you are beating 12 then add those 2 numbers together and you get 20…because you want it balanced divide by 2 and you get 10 epi and 10 ppi.   That will help your draw-in immensely….because the warp ends are so far apart in your first throw they have lots of room to pull together hence your draw in. Good luck, you are on the right road.

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