Can’t get a shed on my new Spring Loom

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I just bought a new Spring loom. The warping went relatively well – thanks to your DVD! I tied up a six-end twill and when I press down treadle 2 to 6 I get a great shed. But not with the first treadle.  And I cannot find the reason. I checked and double-checked the tying-up, I checked the height of the lamms etc., I even tried another treadle – but the problem persists: when I press treadle 1 (or 7 in this case) the lamms move only a little bit and I don’t get a clean shed. What shall I do?

Something is stuck on something.  It sounds like you have something tied up twice. You probably have a tie-up cord on an upper lamm and a lower lamm.  They may be on a different screw at the bottom but I betcha you have a long cord and a short cord on one of those sets of lamms.  That is the most common cause of your problem and it happens to every new loom owner.  Have a look see and let me know how you make out.  If that isn’t fruitful we will work together to find your problem.

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