Can the Louet Spring be tied up as a Jack loom?

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We are trying a twill from”Eight Shafts A Place To Begin” by Shelp and Wostenberg page 7.  It appears that the tie-up must be done as a jack loom tie-up.  Can the Spring Louet be tied up as a jack loom?  Or can there be some other modification?  The pattern looks like “M”s interspersed with plain weave.

The most important thing for you to understand about your loom is that

  • the Lower Lamms are your Risers


  • the Upper Lamms are your Sinkers.

So tie-up the pattern just like in the book to the Lower lamms and they will act like a Jack Loom and rise but you must also tie-up everything leftover (all the white empty boxes) to the upper lamms and they will go the other way to finish the shed. For more information check out Skeleton Tie-Ups on a Countermarche Loom.

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