Broken Parallel Cord on Hollandia Loom

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I am getting back to weaving after many years away from my ’80s vintage Hollandia, 110 cm, 8 harness loom.  Unfortunately, one of the parallel cords is broken.  I do have a bag of texsolv cord left over from when I put the loom together years ago but I’m not sure how to go about fixing it.  Also, does texsolv wear out from age?  Do I need to replace all of the cords? 😱 Thanks for your help.

Welcome back to weaving 🙂
I have a Spring loom that is 31 years old and the texsolv is still perfect on it.  A little dirty but still strong. Something may have cut your loom if it was in storage or something like that.
I am assuming then that the harness bars and 2 lamms have fallen out or are hanging.  You need to take them off completely, get rid of the original cord and then replace it.
Then put your blocking pin in and block all the other harnesses.
There should be a mark on the texsolv where you pick all the texsolv cords up.
Really all you have to do is take one end of a new piece of texsolv and follow the path of one of the other harnesses.  They all started as a single piece as well.  It is difficult to do this on your own so you might like to ask someone for help.  They will just keep hold of the other end while you follow the path through all the rollers.  Eventually you will end up back at the top again and when you meet up with the other end you put one of those texsolv arrow pegs in to join them.  Those pin joins alternate sides at the top of the loom.  Put it on the side that makes sense.  Then you reinstall your harness and lamms making sure they are parallel to the others.
Hope this helps.  If you need more cord or anchor pegs we have them for sale on our website.
Good luck

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