Brake releasing too much on my used Spring Loom

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I have a used Spring which I’m liking very much but each time I advance the brake releases too much and I have to stop and wind it back.  I’ve loosened it as much as I can without it slipping.  I do like a tight tension but am wondering if there is something I’m doing when I tie up the floating breast beam that is causing this to happen.  I’ve watched your DVD several times but still am having this issue.  Do you have any suggestions?

The only thing you can do is take a little tension off of the front. Move the texsolv cord closer to its end at the base of your floating breast beam or ease up on the handle very slowly?  If you lift the handle quickly while you have a lot of tension on the warp it will sprong but if you ease it up slowly it will release the tension coil slowly and you will have more control.

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