Beater problems on an older Spring Loom

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I have a used Spring loom.  When I was weaving my last project I noticed that my fell line was slanted.  I checked all the bolts and screws and tightened it up.  I’m in the process of warping a new project.  I noticed that the beater bar is not hitting my bumpers at the same time.  As I was studying it I noticed that when I bring the beater forward it passes over the front beam at a slant.  I looked at the manual and adjusted as much as I could with the cardboard strips but it is still off.  It isn’t as bad but it is still passing over the right side ahead of the left side and still is not hitting the bumpers at the same time.  I’ve moved the loom around to see if the level of the floor was making a difference and it isn’t.  Right now it is not under tension and I’m wondering if that is the problem.   I have measured the height of the beater bar hinges and they are okay.  I’ve measured everything I could but can’t seem to get a good measurement on the front beam due to the ratchet placement.   Do you have any thoughts on this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes when a beater is assembled a twist can be built into it by tightening up one side more than the other.  I would take the beater off the loom, lay it on the floor or other flat surface and completely disassemble it then reassemble it making sure to tighten up each side a little at a time. Usually, this works like a charm, you may still need your little cardboard pieces but hopefully, it will all be square.  Let me know how that goes.

I am glad to report that I did as you advised and it worked!!!  I also switched the supports from one side to the other while I was at it.  I still had to use some of the cardboard but at least it is square now.  Thanks so much for being available.  I can’t tell you how much I,  for one, appreciate it!

Oh, I’m so glad it worked.  It is so easy to put a twist in a beater just by tightening one side up first and then the other and I’m glad you find the Helpline useful.

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