Beater bumpers for a Louet Kombo?

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Can you tell me if one can purchase the Jane bumpers for holding back the beater, to use on the Louet Kombo? Also is there any way of tweaking this loom to get a larger shed.  I have adjusted all the harnesses to line up with the mark on the inside of the frame.  The threads lay right on the bottom of the reed.

I still have a bunch of Kombo looms that we use….and I agree it is a pretty and solid loom worth tweaking.  I have always used the heavy elastic bands you get on broccoli to hold back the beater.  Just stretch them over the tops of the beater arms…they pull the beater back against the castle.  There is resistance when you beat but not too much. The Jane bumpers are inset into the frame of the loom so you would have to rout out a groove for the bumpers…elastics are easier and I always go for easy. As far as the shed is concerned…it gets smaller the closer you weave to the castle, so all you can really do is advance more often.

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