Assembling the Jane Loom and stand

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I am almost finished assembling but am stuck on the attachment of three texsolv cords and eight screws. I cannot really tell what is going on with the cords- and I moved the beams to the lower level on the stand, so when I thought I was following the directions the apron rod would not reach around the cloth beam. Help…

The box that had the stand in it has the longer cords for the apron. You need these cords when you move the beams out of the loom into the stand. There should be instructions in the box as well. If you don’t have those you can find them at   Go to the top right hand corner and click on support, then enter the loom room and search Jane Stand. Instructions and you should find them there. I have 12 texsolv cords that are 39” long.  They are all the same size. Good, you have the longer cords that you use when you drop the beams down into the stand.   You will need 6 for each beam. Here is a link to the Stand Assembly instructions that show the beams down in the stand. It has good diagrams of how the cords attach to the beam when they are in this position. Here is a link to Louet TV where there is a video of Jan Louet assembling a Jane loom. Jane Loom Assembly    You will be able to see how he attaches the cords when the beams are in the loom.

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