Adjusting the Louet Kombo

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1. How does one change reeds?

To change your reed you just pull up on the top of the beater and it will slide on the beater arms.  They are quite stiff so don’t be afraid to yank it up.

Changing the Reed on the Louet Kombo

2. How does one add more string heddles?

You go to the back of the loom and pull out the little plastic wormy thing which is a blocking mechanism to keep the harnesses in their proper place.  Once you pull it, you will be able to lift up the harness until it can slide out of the track.  Then you pull off the plastic ends and add or remove heddles.  When you are finished you can hang the whole harness up on top of the loom so you can get at other shafts.  You put them back in the same way you took them out.

Adding More Heddles to the Louet Kombo

Adding More Heddles to the Louet Kombo
Adding more heddles to the Louet Kombo

3. How does one correct imbalance of reed swing?

You may have to try to twist the beater in the opposite direction to its imbalance.  If usually requires a slight twist.

4. Should the footrest be at the front of the loom?

Yes, so you can rest your feet on it.

5. Can the heddle frame be set higher?

There is a line drawn on the inside of the loom frame which indicated the proper height for the harnesses.

Adjusting the Harness Height on the Louet Kombo
Adjusting the harness height on the Louet Kombo

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