Jane's Travels

Those of you who know Jane, know that she isn’t a traveller by design. Those looms aren’t transportable, and when you see where she lives, you’ll understand why she would rather take her leisure time at home. However, when something sparks Jane’s fire, she’s ready to hit the road. If the project is important, the only question she’ll ask is: “Where’s the suitcase?”

India 2011

In 2011, Jane left her little forest home to travel to India with Charlotte Kwon from Maiwa. It was hot. Jane ate delicious food. She walked a lot. She took lots of pictures. She saw how people live in other parts of the world. She saw cows in the street. She saw poop on the ground. She saw gorgeous children running amok in the streets and having a ball. She saw smiles. She saw talent. She met tonnes of wonderful people and saw first hand how long the handprinting process is. If you want to see Jane’s photos from this particular trip to India, you can head on over to her Flickr stream.

India 2014

Again, in 2014, Jane went back to India and saw all the same things and more. This time she was a part of a symposium on handcraft that had a roster of some of the most talented handworkers in the country and beyond all come together to talk shop. And wear turbans. And eat more delicious food, that was prepared in a kitchen where they sat on the floor with a machete to peel potatoes. Holy Cow. no pun intended. Check out Jane’s Flickr here.

Ethiopia 2016

While in India, Jane met Kathy Marshall who runs Sabahar. They hit it off, and now jane is over in Ethiopia working her buns off with Eben making some great connections with other weavers and sharing ideas with the group. Kathy is awesome. Jane stayed with Abraham and got to see Lucy and participated in some weird yet uplifting Christian ceremonies. Kathy is amazing. But so is Jane 🙂 Best Trip EVAH! Flickr, you guessed it – right here.