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Welcome to Jane Stafford Textiles

“We are all wrapped in cloth, from the time of our birth, until the moment of our last breath.”

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Guiding and Supporting Weavers for Over 30 Years

Well you’ve come to the right place. Weaving is my passion.

I’ve been weaving for close to 40 years and teaching for 33 of them.

Welcome to my website where I’ve created a curriculum that starts by introducing you to the craft. Each additional workshop then builds on what you already know.

One could spend a lifetime exploring cloth and textile design, only to learn that they are just getting started – Jane Stafford Textiles is here to guide and support weavers of all stripes in every aspect of that journey.

We strive to inspire weavers to design and create the best possible cloth they can – to care about graphic, colour, hand, and drape – from beginners wondering where on earth to start, to experienced production weavers searching for new horizons.

Learn Weaving

Guilds in North America have been the keepers of knowledge. All guilds have libraries where our joint knowledge is stored. In JST’S Guild we have the workshops stored in streamable videos that can be replayed as many times as you want and need. The library started in January of 2017 and a new video has been added every five weeks. These videos build on each other to take you through all the steps you need to become a confident weaver right from the start.

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Weaving Supplies

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Jane Stafford You've come to the right place Weaving SuppliesLearn Weaving

Silks hand dyed on Salt Spring Island, Canada.