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    Kathryn Steely

      I was able to finally get the full 9.5 yard boucle warp onto the back beam and discovered a couple of things along the way:

      1) I spread the warp out even wider in the raddle as Sandy suggested and this did help some.

      2) I separated my lease sticks more to give the cross a bit more openness.

      3) I had originally measured out my warp in three big warp chains and so with 262 ends, that is a lot per chain.  I ended up separating these out much more as well on the front side.

      4) I spent a lot of time on both sides of the loom separating threads, easing catches, etc. and ended up winding on very slowly, six inches at a time so as to avoid tangles.

      Patience is very important!  I was tempted to abandon the project on several occasions but in the end, worked at it slowly and eventually got the entire warp onto the back beam.  I have had absolutely no trouble from that point forward.  12 epi is my sett by the way…

      I can imagine using boucle again, now that I know what to expect, though I might elect to use a shorter warp or, from the outset, divide the warp into many small warp chains rather than larger bunches.  I have two more towels to go yet on the loom before removing it and washing.  I am curious to see what I have at that point…good luck on your project!


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