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      Hi,  another brand new weaver here.

      I would like to make a raddle to use with an older Rasmussen 27″ 4 harness table loom, probably circa the mid 70’s.  The castle has a triangle in the middle to accommodate the levers on the top.  And the levers above the harnesses are the highest point of the table loom.  The pictures on your website show the warp laying evenly from the raddle to the front.  Is it important that the threads coming from the raddle towards the front are all on the same plane?  I am trying to discern how tall the raddle needs to be in order work best since I plan to clamp it to the top of the castle.  Distance from the levers to the bottom of the horizontal crosspiece of the castle frame is 2 3/4″.


      Do you have any opinions about spacing on the raddle to be 1/2″ or 1″ increments?  Or even both with two rows?

      And finally, as long as I am making a raddle, I am wondering about the length.  My wood is currently cut to 42″ so it would be considerably longer (wider) than my current table loom.  I don’t know if it will create more hassle or not having never dressed a loom to leave the raddle long.  If I like weaving it seems that most looms come with a raddle (not sure about that really).  I note that one can also get a 3D printed one too…but I am fine messing about with wood.

      Thank you for your attention!


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)