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      Khabira Wise

        Good Morning!

        I’m getting ready to start the warp for the color & weave gamp and realized there were a couple of points where I wasn’t quite clear. It helps my confidence so much if I can picture just what I should be doing before diving in, so thanks so much for your assistance!

        1) In single-thread warping Jane is very clear that threads never overlap on the warping mill (or board) and teaches that technique beautifully. However, when holding multiple threads, is it each GROUP of threads, from each rotation, that snug up to the prior GROUP without attempting to lay those individual threads down side by side? Or is the technique essentially the same as single-thread warping?

        2) When threading the raddle, one will place threads from each group side by side, not attempting to determine a particular order the threads in that group should be in, correct?


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          Hi Khabira,

          Yes, the technique is the same when warping.  Your groups of threads should lay beside the previous group.

          As for the raddle, yes, keep the groups together when placing them.   More info on this in Season 1:  -multiple threads – if warped with more than one thread 2.1, 12:09

          Hope this helps!


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