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      Judy Dixon

        OK, so I consider myself a relatively new weaver…

        I have put on 8 warps and oops, never knew about Raddles!  Perhaps that is why I have had this happen!

        July 2019 059 (2)

        July 2019 057 (2)


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          I’m fairly new too. One reason I upgraded from a rigid heddle to a loom was because of the raddle. It makes warping soooooo much easier! I have an Ashford Jack which comes with a raddle on the rear beam. I didn’t think warping could be any easier till I tried Jane’s method. I didn’t want to buy a raddle since I already had one so I built one out some nice wood I had. It’s really easy to build. And I’m sooooo glad I did!

          Jane’s method of keeping the crossing sticks “behind” the raddle as  you wind the warp makes the neatest warp I’ve ever done! I haven’t done 27 yards like she does, but her method of placing books on the end of the warp as you wind to keep it tight works soooooo well! For me I used a top of a folding tray with a two gallons of stain on it :))

          If you don’t have a raddle I highly recommend you getting one….I know you won’t regret it! Best of luck!

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            Hi Judy – I’m wondering if the problem is caused by needing a bit more practice using different weight yarns as your weft.  I don’t think it is because you didn’t use a raddle – but rooneymt‘s idea of building one, is a great one – it will make your warping life much easier.

            There is a section on problems and solutions when weaving selvedges on the JST Knowledge Base (which is a great resource of Q&A’s that Jane has had over the years).  There is a section specifically on Selvedges and in you go to the second page you will find a couple of good tutorials to help you perfect yours.  Patience is the key and a lot of practise 😉  Let us know if this helps.

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            Judy Dixon

              Thanks Rooney

              That is really good advice and I  really appreciate the support.

              I do have a raddle!

              it will make you laugh because it came with the 3rd hand Jack loom but I didn’t know what it was and then when I did find out about it I couldn’t figure out how to use with my smaller 4th hand counter balance until I recently saw Jane with the clamps!

              I had just been winging it and the warps have been narrow on the back beam and then angled into the reed. Not good at all.

              I love her pile of books or to do as you did – having a weighted warping partner!  Might be better than my cranky minion AKA the husband!

              tomorrow I’m watching those vids that were recommended!  It’s like having smart sisters to call on in this Guild!


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                Hi Judy,

                isn’t that the smiley face problem Jane explains in one of her videos?

                If you put in your weft to tight you draw the selvedge in and while doing this your selvedge threads get longer/looser, as through the draw-in you use up less of their lenght compared to the other threads which keep straight.

                I had that a lot as I begun weaving and was thinking I didn’t warp correctly, but didn’t know how I could change it. Janes information was such a revelation to me. 🙂

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                  Hi Judy,

                  I agree with Ginette and Yezemin.  It looks like the weft is pulled tighter in some areas and looser in others at the selvedge.  We all experience this as new weavers and in total transparency, I still do sometimes as a not new weaver!  Takes practice and mindfulness.  Eventually, you’ll develop the technique that works best for you to make consistent and good edges.

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                  Ed Chapman

                    I learned from Jane’s videos, so I never tried warping any other way.

                    I have warped 15 yards for a double weave Shetland blanket (two panels to join) and the book weight worked beautifully. Luckily we have one of those narrow but deep row houses so I have 30 feet of floor space to stretch out the warp.  Keep an eye on the threads as they first enter the raddle- that’s where I have issues sometimes. Give it good shake and pull to rectify.

                    Happy weaving all!

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