Winding warp and warping loom in correct color order

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        When I wound my warp for the asymmetrical project, I wound using the color sequence from the planning page from left to right – so 30 white, 10 black, etc. – ending with the 80 white.  That is how I then put it on my loom – so as I sit at my loom, the black stripes are to the left.  In rewatching Season 1 Episode 2.4 on threading heddles, it appears that on Jane’s loom the black stripes are on the right.  I’m going to say that for this pattern, in plain weave, it won’t make a difference.  (If I’m wrong, please let me know!)  However, for future reference, I’m wondering if I should be doing this differently?

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          You’ll be fine Melissa.  Your small square of white is on the left as you weave and you just weave in the progression of the stripes across the cloth.  When it’s off the loom and you turn it over, your sample will look like Jane’s 😉


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