Will doubling up threads cause any problems?

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      Lindsay Robb

        New multishaft weaver here and just finishing off my first cotton towels.

        Next project I plan to make linen bath towels. I’ve had an offer from a vendor of 2/10 (2ply) that I could double if I wanted it thicker. Not sure yet but it makes me ask the question – does doubling up threads cause any issues I should be aware of?

        Obviously the threads really want to lay side by side when warped so I wasn’t sure how well this would look in the end.

        Alternatively, I guess if anyone has a suggestion of weave to try to bulk up the single 2/10 then that may work too.

        Thank you for any help!

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          When you say you are a new multi shaft weaver, am I correct in assuming you moved from a rigid heddle to a loom? If so, that is the way I too started. I got my loom almost a year ago after weaving on a rigid heddle. I was sooooo excited to see the power of the new loom. For me I had to start right in on a twill design. I went a few months like this. I’d read books, watched Craftsy classes (now Bluprint) and YouTube.

          I remember when I had my first pattern where it called for doubling the slaying on the reed. With my only experience being with the rigid heddle, I just assumed you had to thread the heddles double. But the instructions showed individual threads/heddles but double threads/reed slot. I’m thinking there’s no way that would work properly! But it does…

          I remember when I found this Guild last April. I binged through the episodes. I didn’t want to start practice with a tabby design….not when I had an 8 shaft loom with 10 treadles! :)) But in the end, that’s what I did and I’m sooooo glad I did! And I think you will be glad too if this is your first loom.

          There’s soooo much more than the weaving itself….for you have winding the warp on a warping board. I never thought I could ever wind 5 threads at a time! And then there’s the way she warps the loom. Sooooo many small details that completely change the way you warp…ranging from things like placing a raddle on the castle with the cross sticks behind it.

          I’m still working on season’s 2 exercises. It blows me away  how much I’m learning, not only in using the loom and proper techniques for weaving, but for expanding my understanding on how to design my own pattern, how to use colors, etc.

          I’m super excited to get into season 3. That’s when you really get into some deep concepts of weaving. But as anxious as I am, I now know to use some patience and follow along with her teaching.

          So if your only question is if you will have problems slaying the reed with 2 threads/slot while threading the heddles with only 1 thread/heddle, my answer is no. And if I’ve misunderstood your question and you are an experienced weaver using a loom, I super apologize…. as I readily tell people….I’m not that smart! :)) But I do hope you are having fun!!

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          Lindsay Robb

            Thank you for the reply!

            No it didn’t answer my question – I’ve already doubled up when sleying the friendship towels so I understand that. But thank you anyway!

            I’d asked the vendor for thicker linen and she didn’t have any. So this would be completely doubled in the heddles and reed to try to match a thread twice the thickness and I’m wondering if the effect will look the same as using thicker thread or if it will have issues because the two strands aren’t twisted together.

            Sorry, I don’t think I explained well the first time ☺

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                Hi Lindsay,

                You can double up threads to mimic a thickness. I have not tried doubling up linen though but have on cottons.  If you’re looking for a thicker linen, we do have 16/2 linen line, organic from Venne which may work for you for your project. Setts are:

                Plain Weave: 15 epi & 15 ppi
                Twill: 18 epi & 15 ppi
                Both setts give you a nice drapey fabric.

                Here’s the link: https://janestaffordtextiles.com/product-category/yarns/linen/16-2-linen/

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                  Lindsay Robb

                    Thank you Ginette!

                    I think that’s the reassurance I wanted. I just wasn’t sure if they would struggle to lie flat and look weird in the weave or if they would act/look like a twisted larger thread.

                    Thank you for the link to the thicker thread.  I try to buy more local when I can and I’ll be buying from a vendor at a fair next weekend.  I’m sure I could wait and she would post me something thicker but I can’t afford postage costs right now when I’m just a beginner and trying to keep my ‘experiments’ low-cost 🙂


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