Where are the drafts?

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      JoAnne Tuffnell

        I feel really dumb having to ask this: I’m downloading the pdf as I go along (catching up on 3 years before year 4 begins!) but where are the drafts for the gamp in session 2? (For that matter, all drafts to come?) In 2.4.2,  Jane holds up a paper that should be “mine” now, but where is it?

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          First make sure you are logged in.

          At the top of your screen, do you see “Learn” with a little down arrow?

          Tap the down arrow, another set of options will show. You are looking to select “All lesson PDFs”. See below…


          I hope this helps! It might look different depending on the device you are using.

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            The drafts are located under the section “pdf for all lessons. The draft is in the top right corner. Hope this is what you are asking. DEB6A964-2844-471C-86AA-13B2EEDC3507

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            JoAnne Tuffnell

              Thanks so much, all who responded. I have now found the drafts; I really appreciate your help…just haven’t explored the website enough, I guess, since I go directly to “episodes” and think everything will be there for me. Now I know. Thank you, thank you.

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                Good morning, Jo Anne.  You’ll also find the drafts for each episode under each relevant video as well.  Happy weaving! Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 8.29.27 AM



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