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      Ashlee Bixby

        I am putting my warp on the loom today and I have a couple threads that came out of the cross. (They were the first threads after I changed spools while measuring my warp on the mill – I somehow didn’t catch them on the apron rod when I first put the warp on the loom). Does anyone know what should I do with those threads? Can I just tie them on the apron bar? Any recommendations as to figuring out where they should go? I was trying to figure out about where they should go but I’m not seeing anywhere that there is one missing. Thank you so much for any help!

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        Jane Stafford

          Hi Ashlee, I have been away for a few days and just saw this.

          Generally you can see where they are supposed to be either by colour or thread counting?  Have you figured it out.  If not, I just tie them to the apron rod and carry on as usual.  A few threads may not matter but it really does depend on the warp.

          Let us know where you’re at and perhaps I can help further especially if you add a photo of the back of the loom.



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          Ashlee Bixby

            Thank you so much Jane! I had tied the loose ends to the apron rod and went ahead and put them through the lease sticks – guessing where I thought they should go. I haven’t done anything else yet.

            I realized after rewatching the measuring warp videos that my mistake was tying on a new thread (in the middle of measure my warp) by tying it on to the rod at the top of the mill rather than tying it to the previous thread. Then when I put the apron rod through my warp I didn’t thread the rod through those loops so those threads were just loose. Lesson learned. I am prepared to start over if I need to but if you think I could carry on I will definitely give it a go. My concern is that the tension will be uneven across the warp because the threads are connected to the apron rod in those spots rather than being connected to the other threads.

            Here is a picture. The warp is all one color so I can’t figure out where they were supposed to be.


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