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        Hi Jane and team, you mentioned that you only handwash when wetfinishing.

        Do you also handwash the cotton towels?  I want to put my first three in the washing machine at 40C or 60C with colourcatchers for the red stripe.    Please share your thoughts /advice on machine and temperature?

        Thank you!

        Jacqueline (feeling more free allready, after three towels did 7 samples with silk and other materials. Enough left on loom for two shawls depending on the result of wetfinishing those small samples, which I will do by hand as in your video.

        Happy weaving!

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          Hi Jacqueline

          I wash my newly hand woven tea towels in cold water in the washing machine.  If I need to use a colourcatcher, I still use cold water and it works great.

          Wow you’ve done lots with the first sample warp!  Can’t wait to see pictures of them.

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            I wet finished my 8/2 cotton towels at 60 degrees in my washing machine, a front loader. I felt that as they were going to be used by the people I gave them to I had better treat them as they would be treated in future. As for the samples you are weaving in this guild I suppose it doesn’t matter if you will be keeping them to admire and remind you of the work you have done. I have never had any trouble with red running BUT there is always a first time!

            I won’t be able to do any of the projects for a while yet. I have so many projects lined up to do before this and also a workshop coming up which sounds very interesting. It is all about breaking the rules of weaving and we have a variety of yarns we could warp with including acrylic or fishing line!! That will be on my Jane loom whilst my David is about to be warped with a cone of yarn I have had for a while for a blanket for my beautiful Hearing Dog. Luna.  She loves wool so I have to put all the yarn I have spun up out of the way or she cuddles up to it, hence the need for her own wool blanket. Then I may be able to think about these towels. Not the same colours though. I have to use stash as my finances won’t stretch to new cones of yarn at present. Cotton is very expensive here in the UK.

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              Have fun at your workshop, Maggie and please, please post photos of Luna’s blanket when you finished it and before she starts to felt it 😉  We’ll be here when you start working through Colour and Design in your own time.

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                Hi, Here a picture of the sampling with different yarns, silk, cotton cotton boucle, etc. These I still have to wetfinish.


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