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        Hi Jane and Crew

        I’m trying the weft faced rugs from season three using some bulky chenille that I use for Squishy bathroom rugs. Normally in PW I use 12 EPI, but that didn’t work for weft faced designs with  the columns and other designed you created.

        So i reduced it to 6EPI, 4 EPI and even 3  EPI so that i can make these rugs with pretty boarder.

        The grey sample is 4 EPI and the teal on the loom was  re-slayed to 3EPI.

        HELP — how can I make the work??


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          It’s hard to give you an answer, Heidi.  Did you hemstitch your samples to give you a solid base to work from?  I would just weave larger samples, trying different setts, hemstitch, cut off resley a different sett and try again until you get something you are happy with.  I would think that your sett needs to have a higher epi to hold things together.  Jane used a 12/4 linen on her samples – what are you using with yours?

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            2F9AFE87-D295-41E4-AC3E-C5EF51315B24Hi Ladies
            I switched to bulky weight yarn and 8EPI and my sample is done!!!
            Thanks for the great lesson. I also found that a skeleton tie-up was the easiest to keep track of and figure out what to lift. So much simpler than the many tradable combinations.

            THANKS AGAIN — perhaps one day I’ll invest in lots of wool for a rug.

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