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        Please can someone help me??

        I am weaving with a 2 ply wool on a David loom at 8e.p.i. treddle up for twill…hoping to make a blanket…but the weave just comes out as weft face.

        Its on an 8 in reed threaded at 1 thread per dent.

        Thanks!  (Supposed to be done next week!  Yikes!)

        Debbie from Devon.




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        Jan Schumacher

          I wonder if you’re beating too hard, Debbie.  Possibly that’s causing your weft threads to ride up over the warp threads.  You didn’t mention pics per inch.  I’m guessing you’d want the ppi to also be about 8.  I hope this is helpful.  Good luck!


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          Nina Kennedy

            I agree with Jan about adjusting your beat as a first solution however I suspect you might need to use a closer sett – perhaps 12 epi.  It is hard to say without knowing the weight of the weft yarn and what you are using for warp. This would require re-sleying and of course would mean your project will be narrower although this happened to me once and I ended up cutting off what I had woven (I was at the beginning so I still had enough warp left to do this), winding the warp forward off the warp beam (but do not remove warp entirely), making an extra warp chain (or 2), threading and sleying it on and re-winding on the entire warp. A bit of work but better than weaving something that you are not happy with.

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              Thank you so much for your responses…it was that I was beating too hard.  Now much better!


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