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      Rebecca Marculescu

        Hi fellow guild members!

        I’m new to the guild and working my way through the first season. I’ve just learned about sett and have gotten to the project planning section. The project I would like to plan right now is a lap blanket for my beloved brother who was in an accident and will be making a lap in a wheelchair for at least the next three months.  The mohair and shetland yarns are out of my range at the moment but I do have 12 balls of Knitpicks Palette which is fingering weight with a knitting gauge of 7-8 stitches per inch. It’s very affordable and I can pick up a few more balls if necessary.  My question is about sett.  When I wrap a ruler as I would have before Jane’s sett lesson I get 15 wpi so a sett of 7.5 epi.  When I wrap the ruler thinking about negative space and room for the yarn to go “poof” as Jane says, I get a set of about 5-6 epi.  My hesitancy is that on Ravelry when I look for weaving projects with Palette most are being done with a sett of 10-12 epi!  So I wonder if any of you have used Palette and what you found about sett? I know the answer is sample, sample, sample and I may have to. But that will mean ordering and waiting for more yarn before I can get started. So if any of you have worked with it I would so appreciate the benefit of your experience!



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        Nancy Richard

          Hi Rebecca

          I’m sorry that I didn’t see this sooner, and hope your brother is doing okay. You’ve probably already figured out the sett you need for Palette, but I’ve used it a bit in weaving and it works out well from 10 (for plain weave) to 16 (twills). 12 can be used for both plain and twill and makes a lovely lightweight blanket. 16 is a bit tight for blankets, but okay. Better for scarves. I love Palette.


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