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        Hi Jane,

        I have a Louet ‘Jane’ 70cm table loom and until now I have only used a stick shuttle. I would like to weave wider fabric and start using a boat shuttle. Could you demonstrate how i would do this on a table loom as it seems different on your floor looms as there is no rail for the shuttle to slide across.

        Thank you in advance


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          Hi Elizabeth – my guess is that the majority of weavers around the world weave without a race (the name of the rail attached to a beater).  I have one loom without a race and one with.  I don’t really notice a difference.  The secret to successfully throwing a shuttle across your warp, is the tension on your warp.  Like everything worth learning, it just takes practice!  Have fun learning.  Jane demonstrates throwing a shuttle in Season 1: Episode 3; Lesson 4

          3.4 – Good Weaving Technique – You Can Weave in 10 Minutes



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