Weaving with 20/2 silk

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    Thanks, Ginette.  I will try once again.  Thought I was just ‘kissing’ the fell in my twill project, but will apparently have to try a handshake instead! 🙂



    Hi Karen,

    I weave the 20/2 silk for plain weave at 20 epi and when I bring the beater close to the fell, I’m looking for the negative space for a squaring. Once I’ve got that negative space where I want it for a 50/50 balance, then I continue beating the same. Sometimes I’ll just be ‘kissing’ the fell (like Jane says 😉 ) to get that 50/50 balance.

    You could resley the reed at 24 EPI and give it a try if you’re sampling with your warp, it will be easier to get that balance.



    Oops, forgot to mention my initial sett was 24 epi…K

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    Hi Jane,

    I am loving the guild and learning so much with each video–thank you!

    I am weaving with 20/2 (or 2/20, I can never remember which is US and which Canadian) for both warp and weft.

    With barely bringing the beater to the fell line, my PPI were about 36.  I re-sleyed to a sett of 30, (24 + 36/2=30) and now am averaging about 32 PPI.

    My question is how do you go about using a lower sett, say 24, to get that drapey cloth, when you are barely touching the fell line to start?

    Karen M.

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