Weaving lambs wool Scottish plaid scarves


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        I would like to try to weave some plaid lambswool scarves but am having difficulty finding an appropriate yarn, which I think needs to be pretty fine based on what I’ve seen of the machine made scarves of similar ilk. Do you have any advice about a) the feasibility of my idea; b) the appropriate weight/sett of the yarn; c) does it have to be lambswool or could I use something else that’s still very soft; d) where can I get it; e) any other words of wisdom?


        Many thanks.


        Beth from Saturna Island

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          Beth, I have always wanted to learn to weave a tartan scarf.  In 2016, I found a weaver in Virginia who teaches tartan weaving (including classes at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina).  For distant experienced weavers (I am in Tucson, AZ), she offers kits (2 scarves per kit) on Etsy, once you know which tartan you want to weave.  Her detailed instructions were excellent, and she graciously provided email support.  For my chosen Gordon Dress tartan, she provided the “sett,” which is the precise order of the five colors from the registry of tartans in Scotland.  The yarn in the tartan kit was an 18/2 Jaggerspun superfine Merino, a lightweight merino wool spun in Maine by Jaggerspun mills from Australian wool.  Although the kits are for two scarves, I wanted to make three and she provided the additional yarn (my warp was 7.5 yards for those scarves).

          Here’s the tartan scarf kit on Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/111319629/custom-tartan-scarf-kits

          And the photo below was taken when I started the warp on my previous Schacht Mighty Wolf loom.

          These were fun to weave and turned out beautifully!

          first tartan underway

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            Hi Beth,

            I was going to suggest the superfine merino like Patricia mentioned. It’s a lovely yarn that would work really well for scarves. It’s an absolutely soft yarn and easy to work with. Here’s the link to it and where we have the sett suggestion on it. Also, you could look up the JST Master Sett Chart for more suggestions.


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