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        In the videos it looks like Jane has huge warps. I have a Schacht warping board, but I cannot get all 420 threads (even in 8/2 cotton) on one warp – It would have fallen off. The pegs are only 5″. How do you manage your warps and do you always have multiple warps?

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          Unless I’m making a warp for a narrow scarf, I make more than one warp for each project.  I don’t have a big warping reel like Jane’s but a have much smaller table top one.  It’s not worth your time and $$ to try to fill those pegs and risk having the warp slip off before you can get it chained.  Jane also puts elastic bands on the pegs on a warping board, as she’s chaining, to prevent it slipping off the pegs.  You can review her method in Season 1: Episode 2 – Warping on a Warping Board.

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