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        I am trying to do Jane’s episode on denting and am using the sample draft from the downloaded pdf.  I put 3 yards of 168 ends on my warping reel to create a 13 inch wide sample scarf.  After placing the chained warp on my table loom and placing the cross in the raddle and using sley sticks,  I  wound the warp onto the back beam..  Once I started threading my heddles using a straight draw it appears that I have twice as many ends as the original 168 I started with.  I am taking the threads off of the sley sticks in the order they cross the sticks.  Why now does it appear that I have 336 ends threaded instead of the original 168?

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          Did you put the end of your warp onto your warp beam and then put your cross through your lease sticks, before you put it through your raddle?  If you have 168 ends crossing through your lease sticks, you should have the same number going through your raddle. Could you have folded your whole warp at some point before putting in your raddle?  I’m as puzzled as you are 🤔

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            Is it possible you miscounted when wrapping your warping board? If you counted “1” as going up and down (or vice versa) then you would have double the ends. I know I’ve done about every possible bone head mistake possible as I’ve learned to weave! If you have double the ends you may have a a couple options. One would be to use two threads/headle and then halve the epi when slaying the reed, i.e. if you were going to have 20 epi change it to 10 epi. Or thread your heddles one thread/heddle and again halve your epi when saying the read. Good luck!!

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              Exactly double the threads I’m assuming you counted a full round on your warping board as 1 thread (starting point to starting point), while that would already have been 2 threads.

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