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      Josephine Tobin

        I am a newish weaver and am following the instructions for the mohair blanket.

        I made a 36″ long pseudo warp and have it spread out in the raddle to 45″. In order to place it in the raddle I had undo all the chaining and run a lease stick through the front loop of the warp to hold the ends in place (uncut and still as a loop).

        Question # 1: Is there a better way to work with a short pseudo warp? I cannot see this demonstrated in a video, but perhaps I missed it.

        Because the warp is only 36″ long, there isn’t enough length to wind it onto to back beam before threading the heddles and sleying the reed.

        Question #2:  How do I stabilize the warp so that the front ends stay the same length while I am working on it (not shift around on the back warping rod)?

        I am wondering if this is a common issue based on the instructions to make a short pseudo warp, or if I have missed out on a lesson!

        Thank you in advance,



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          Hi Josephine – have you read “Dummy (Pseudo Warp)” in the Knowledge Base?  Jane explains using a pseudo warp in detail in that article.  If that doesn’t explain things, let us know.  Also, the length on your pseudo warp depends on your loom – a yard might be plenty on a table or small loom, but you have to be have it long enough to be secured on the warp beam and still have enough length to bring it all the way through your reed, with enough to trim and tie it on.

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          Josephine Tobin

            Hello Sandra,

            Yes, I did read article, thank you. Unfortunately it did not answer my questions. Jane mentioned: “You can always use a little duck tape at the back to secure things….I have done that a million times.” if the dummy warp isn’t long enough to wrap around the back beam. Could you please explain how to do this? I am warping a 45″ Leclerc Nilus floor loom. I guess I misunderstood the instructions for the mohair blanket saying to make a short  27″ – 36″ dummy warp.

            Thank you for any continued suggestions!

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                What I might consider doing is to do what Jane shows us in the blanket video, and that was that she cut her dummy warp and tied it tightly onto the rod attached to the warp beam.  Lash it as usual so it won’t bow and carry on threading and denting as usual.  You’ll then be ready to tie on your special warp.  That way it won’t matter if it doesn’t completely go around the warp beam.

                BTW – have you read the article – “Tying a new warp onto an old warp”?  It might be useful when you get to tying on your new warp.

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