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        Can someone help me PLEASE?  I’ve warped up for the log cabin on my David Louet and now for some reason which I can’t find out…the wap keeps losing tension, particularly in the middle and to the left side?  I tighten it and then after a couple of inches it goes again. Very frustrating?



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          Without pics it’s hard to guess. Sometimes tension problems occur because of the weaving technique.

          It’s also possible that your tension while beaming was different on one side.

          If it’s managable you could put weights on the (group of) warp threads which not behave.

          Then there is yarn content. Are the looser threads the same yarn as the other ones? I once had tension problems with different yarns in one warp. If I remember correctly the linen warp threads were constantly to loose. That’s because different fibers stretch differently.

          Hope that helps figuring out what has gone wrong and hope your project is salvageable!






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