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      Liz Loewen

        New learner question.  My Jane loom did not come with a warp rod.  I see from the videos there is a metal rod used and the knowledge base says these can be made of wood also.  Where can I buy a metal rod and/or what are the specifications to make my own out of wood?  Thanks!

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          Congratulations on your new Jane loom, Liz.  You can get a wood or metal rod at your local hardware store – however, you probably will have to get it cut the right length which would be the width of your cloth beam.  I attach mine on with Texsolv cord to secure it to the apron rod.  If you want to make one out of wood, something the same size and thickness as the apron rod would be the way to go. Enjoy your new Jane!

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            88102DA9-E07E-4F59-8B09-CC04B3B42727Hi Liz, what Sandra said,

            I measured the length I needed 28″ went to the local hardware store and purchased a rod with the BLUE colored dot on the end.  I asked if they could cut it to 28″ which the were kind enough to do with their pipe cutter.  My husband ground the rough edges smooth and I wiped the rod down with warm soapy water.  I hope this helps

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