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      Lynn Findlay

        I’m in the midst of season 2 – just finished weaving the plaid scarf. It’s very pretty, but not quite long enough. Using the guide from Season 1, I calculated 8 1/2 yards for the sample piece, 10 napkins and scarf. Wrong. I wove the sample and napkins first and ended with the too-short-scarf.

        Now I’m moving on to stripes and really love Jane’s scarf from this episode. I don’t want to miscalculate again.  How much warp should be allowed for a scarf as long as this one?  Allowing for shrinkage and take up, how long is each half on the loom?

        Thank you for any suggestions!

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          Have you gone back to Season 1: Episode 5 to review the video and the handouts?  In Project Planning 101, Jane shows us how to figure out how long our warp needs to be to weave everything we want on a particular warp.  You always have to add some extra length as a buffer.  For instance, did you cut off your sample, or any of your napkins prior to weaving your scarf?  You also need a bit of a buffer between the napkins to give you room to cut and hem them. Every time you cut off part of your warp, you’re losing length when you tie on again.  Your napkins will be a fabulous reminder of your plaid sample – and – you can always put on another warp to weave a scarf using that draft with different colours!

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