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        I have woven on a rigid heddle loom using handspun yarns for both the weft and warp with no problems. I have a lot of 2 ply handspun yarns and wanted to try using it to weave on my 45″ LeClerc Counter Balance Loom circa 1943. If you have experience with this I would appreciate your advice. 🙂
        What size shuttle and bobbins did you use? Would a rag shuttle work? Or a stick shuttle?
        I have metal heddles–is plain weave easier on the yarn than other weave structures?
        Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


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          Hi Lee!  Years ago I wove a handspun blanket in plain weave – warp and weft – on an old Leclerc counter balance loom.  The only thing I would do differently now would be to open up the sett of the blanket I wove – but Jane hadn’t appeared in my weaving life at that point and I hadn’t yet learned how important sett was. You have that advantage of me 😉 The loom, of course, had metal heddles and they weren’t a problem.

          I weave with Schacht open bottom shuttles (Jane’s favourite) and an 11″ fits in my hands comfortably, but the size is determined by your own hands.  You could weave with a stick or rag shuttle, but the process would take much longer and at some point, you are going to need a boat shuttle anyway.  Keep us posted on your adventure with your handspun.

          Schacht 11″ Open Bottom Shuttle

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