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        I have the sample for the asymmetry on my loom.  Using the warp as suggested with 8/2 cotton.

        I have changed the EPI to a 12 epi and have now started to  experiment with 100% cotton boucle yarn.  I have all colors (same as the warp)  except the red is not a boucle!!  (I would need to purchase this) so it remains the same as the 8/2 thread in the warp.

        My question is would this red thread cause a buckling in the final finish after washing because it is not the same?   I am wondering if that little stripe of red would just be a problem at the end after the washing is completed??

        Would love to experiment ! any advice on how this change in yarns might change the final product is appreciated…… Thanks in advance…. Rita from Petoskey Michigan

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          I might sample with doubling the 8/2 to make the equivalent of 8/4 to see how that would work.  I used 8/4 and boucle in several of my asymmetry samples.

          On the other hand, you are into the “play” mode – can you switch up your colours with other colours of boucle?

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