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      Shelley Lamie

        Is there anywhere Jane discusses an unraveling floating selvedge? I’ve been weaving along happily and then suddenly noticed my 8/4 cotton FS is no longer plied together, just 4 individual threads! It is beamed with the rest of the warp and weighted. I’ve had no tension issues with it. I’ve heard this can be from the way I am passing the shuttle (I was going under the FS entering, and over the other FS on exit). I’d be interested if this is the case, if I need to repair it now or if I can just try doing the opposite (under then over), or anything other information that could be helpful now and in the future. Thanks!

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          Message from Jane –

          That is very peculiar….I have never had that happen.  I can’t really think it has anything to do with the path of the shuttle…..if that was twisting it….the twist would go somewhere, either up or down….twist just doesn’t disappear unless it wasn’t there in the first place.  Maybe there was a section in the yarn that had very little twist and she is now at it.    However as long as it isn’t breaking I would just keep going.

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