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      Kimberly Sampson

        Hello – I’m going to do my best to try and explain my issue I am having.

        After washing one of my woven pieces, and cutting them part, I noticed that they are no longer straight up and down even. The fabric seems to stretch in one direction.

        You can kind of see it in this photo. This piece is hanging on my wall, but is very uneven. I had to alter how I hung it so that I could get it to be as even on the wall as possible. You’ll notice the lines at the top aren’t perfectly horizontal.


        So, I’ve just finished another piece, I have not washed it yet, and it looks totally fine. I’m nervous about washing it, in case that exacerbates the issue more.  Any suggestions? Should I wash it in cold water?   In this case, the piece will be hung on the wall, so will probably not get dirty. But what do you do for pieces that are meant to get dirty, like tea towels? How do you wash those without having the fabric stretch unevenly? Also, could this have something to do with my tension?


        I just don’t know where the issue is or how to fix that going forward? I’m considering cutting my pieces apart before washing so I can test with a few  before washing my main piece that will be hung on the wall.  Sorry if I have done an awful job explaining my issue. Help is appreciated.

        Here’s my new piece:

        Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 12.20.50 PM

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