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      Kimberly Sampson

        Hi – I think my last post may have gotten lost, so reposting. Sorry!


        Hello – I’m going to do my best to try and explain my issue I am having.

        After washing one of my woven pieces, and cutting them part, I noticed that they are no longer straight up and down even. The fabric seems to stretch in one direction.  *This is plain weave with cotton warp and cotton boucle weft.

        You can kind of see it in this photo. This piece is hanging on my wall, but is very uneven. I had to alter how I hung it so that I could get it to be as even on the wall as possible. You’ll notice the lines at the top aren’t perfectly horizontal, the top seems to stretch to the left.

        Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 4.12.13 PM

        So, I’ve just finished another piece, I have not washed it yet, and it looks totally fine. I’m nervous about washing it, in case that exacerbates the issue more.  Any suggestions? Should I wash it in cold water?   In this case, the piece will be hung on the wall, so will probably not get dirty. But what do you do for pieces that are meant to get dirty, like tea towels? How do you wash those without having the fabric stretch unevenly? Also, could this have something to do with my tension?


        I just don’t know where the issue is or how to fix that going forward? I’m considering cutting my pieces apart before washing so I can test with a few before washing my main piece that will be hung on the wall.  Sorry if I have done an awful job explaining my issue. Help is appreciated.

        Here’s my new piece:

        Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 12.20.50 PM

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          Hi, Kimberley.  It looks like you might have a couple of issues.  Is your tension even across your warp, or is it a bit softer on one side?  Are you pulling in too much on your weft?  Jane’s mantra of “throw, beat, change, beater back” is a very useful message to have playing in your head as you weave.  Do you have a photo of your warp on your loom?

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            Kimberly Sampson

              Hey Sandra!

              It could be the tension on the warp. I used a warping mill, and it is half and half, each half was put on the mill separately, so maybe my tension was not even. Is there a trick to getting a good amount of warp on the warping mill? I’ve only used it twice now, but can’t seem to fit enough on it to make the warp all in one go.


              I do not have anything on my loom right now, so can’t take a picture.  I do follow Janes mantra, I think that actually made my weaving so so much better. Just still working out these kinks.

              So for my latest project, would you recommend anything special just to make sure I don’t totally mess it up? It’s already done, so I can’t change the warp now. =) Does cold or hot water affect that at all?  I’m thinking I can cut a few apart, and wash just a few, maybe on cold, just to see what happens with those? If it’s really bad, I may not wash the pieces that are meant for hanging.


              Thanks again for the help!



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              Hi Kimberly,

              Washing in cold or hot shouldn’t change one side of the fabric from the other. If your tension is good and you’re doing the beating sequence like Sandra mentions, have you had a look at your beater? When it falls against the fell of your cloth, is it straight on both sides? Is there a difference if you measure with a measuring tape levelled to the front beam and your last thread you threw? Also, some beaters wiggle some times and I found that if you hold the beater right in the middle of it to beat, it helps to beat the thread in straight.

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                Kimberly Sampson

                  Oh. That’s a good point about washing. I guess I was just thinking that because after I washed I noticed the difference.             I’ll check out the beater next time I have my loom setup. Thanks for the help.

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