Twill and Basket Weave on 8 shafts

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      Nina Kennedy

        I am pretty sure I understand the twill and basket weave when woven on 4 shafts but I have been trying to figure out how to draft a basket weave border with an 8 shaft twill straight draw section in the middle. I can’t seem to do it! When I put a basket weave section in the threading at the beginning I can’t seem to get the basket weave to be alternating every 2 rows – no matter what shafts I use for the basket weave. I have put in a formula in the tie-up of /3/2/1/2 but can’t get the basket weave right in the drawdown. Is it not possible with 8 shafts and 8 treadles? (Or maybe I just can’t wrap my head around it).

        I know – I could just forget 8 shafts and design the draft for 4 shafts but I would like to understand how to do basket weave for 8 shafts.

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