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        Just joined the guild and I am a very new weaver!

        I’ve watched the videos on warping and I understand how to use the warping frame and how to chain the warp when it is complete.

        What I don’t understand is how to get that warp onto a rigid heddle loom.  JS says a raddle must be used.  Where would that be mounted on a rigid heddle loom?  Or is there another way to do it?


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          I wish I could help you!  I’m not an experienced rigid heddle loom user and I was hoping someone who was more experienced would come forward and give you a hand.  Have you checked YouTube to see if there are any videos that might help you there?  Jane doesn’t use rigid heddle looms in the studio – her studio is full of floor looms – so that is why warping them is not covered in her warping lessons.

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            Thanks for your desire to help!  I finally did find a brief video on YouTube for the  Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom that showed how to wind the chained warp on to a rigid heddle loom.  A dowel is tied on to the apron  to hold the chain, however a raddle is not used to separate the warp strands as with a floor or table loom.  It’s actually a bit easier 😉

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              You may also find the tutorials on the Ashford site useful


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                Check out Liz Gipson – she is on You Tube and she uses a warping board for her rigid heddle looms. I direct warp on a RH loom, it is much easier and you can design as you go. If you have a wide warp, just use more of those little warping pegs that you attach to a table. If I warp my large RH loom, I line a bunch of them up along a table.


                The other option, is to use a smaller warping board and do a hybrid method, for longer warps. I can’t find the picture, but you basically lay the small warping board flat on a table, and clamp it down with vice grips or some other way. You can then just wind as much as you need and make the last wind go around a single warping peg and backtrack, put through your slot and so forth.


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                    Thanks for that link to Liz Gipson — that’s helpful!  I just got a book from the library yesterday that contained her instructions for indirect warping, too.

                    Like you, I use direct warping and it works for me just fine 😉  But I thought it would be a good idea to experiment and try the indirect method as well. Your idea of a hybrid solution makes sense — my plan had been to get a small warping board since I don’t anticipate making anything that requires more than 3-4 yards of warp.



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