Tieing up tabby on 8 shafts vs. 4 shafts

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      Khabira Wise


        I’ve been lurking for a few months, studying videos, etc. Yesterday we brought home a Spring 43″. Oh, yay!

        I got it from the dealer closest to us, a mere 450 mile drive … each way ;-).

        It was assembled, but had not been used, so I know I’ll be back with tweaking questions. But to get started, I’ve made a wee warp that I want to tie-on for simple plain-weave (I’m a brand new weaver with one entire 2-day class under my belt — oiy).

        So, I’ve watched Jane tie-up tabby on 8 shafts (1,3,5,7 and 2,4,6,8). May I ask in what way the fabric (or process of weaving?) will differ from merely tying up on 4 shafts (1,3 and 2,4)?

        Thanks, bunches!

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          Hi Khabira,

          Welcome to the wonderful world of weaving 🙂   Thats the ww0w.  ha ha.

          Congratulations on your new loom.  If it is a simple warp for pw(plain weave) I would just thread it on 4 and tie-up the front 4 only.  Leave the blocking pin in the back 4.

          It is a great place to start.  Moving 2 shafts at a time is always easier than moving 4 shafts at a time.  That being said, moving any shafts on a Spring Loom is pretty darned easy.

          Hope this helps.  You should also check out the Helpline.  There are many questions that have been answered there in regards to the Spring Loom.








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            Khabira Wise

              Thank you so much, Jane.

              And thanks for pointing me towards the Helpline. I now know what tonight’s bedtime reading will be!



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