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        Let us know your thoughts on 7.5 – Our Hand Dyed Silks.

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          In lesson 7.5 what size (quarts) are her pots?
          What is that piece of equipment she is using to put her skeins into the pot?

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              Cheryl has many different sizes depending on how many skiens she is dying of one colour. She had those armatures made for her many years ago by an old fella on the island.

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              Thank you Jane and Cheryl, for Another wonderful session in which I was totally absorbed. Jane, in every segment you offer such perfect new information, which is building my weaving knowledge, and translating it to skill. I can’t wait to see the next installment!

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              Ann Scanlon

                I’m salivating !!!

                is it just Aussies who are a bit strange.

                One day I will visit and totally upset my husbands thought of  ‘getting away from it all’. What months are the best to visit ?


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                  And I would love to visit Australia!  The “wet” coast of BC is best from April through October.  There is so much to see here – between the ocean and the mountains with the islands in between which are fun to explore.  Jane studio is on one of those islands – Salt Spring Island – and her shop is open Monday to Fridays.  Dream away Ann – sometimes dreams come true  🙂

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                  Deborah Fister

                    What brand dyes does Cheryl use and does she mix her own? I am fascinated with developing my own color palette from primary colors, but I am struggling as to were to start and what increments to use: a 10 unit % as in 100% yellow, 90/10 yellow/ blue etc. and the other sides of the pyramid the same the inside could be 10% yellow, 10% red and 10% blue .

                    Other systems use fuchsia, cyan, yellow and still other use 2 reds, 2 blues, 2 yellows. Overwhelming sometimes, but fascinating.

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                      I personally don’t know what dyes Cheryl uses but I do know that Telena Dyes are often the choice for chemical dyes on silks.  Check out Maiwa Supplies for an information sheet and list of dyes that they carry.  Years ago I was part of a dye study group where we used Lanaset (as there were called then) dyes to create a sample book.  We used a wide range of different percentages to create a palate of dyes.  It’s a fascinating study and very time-consuming.  Colours that are named fushia, for instance, are likely a blend of red with a percentage of blue to get the fushia.  These days, I use natural dyes for my silks, when I feel like playing with colour.  I also love working with Jane’s silks as they are designed to play with the colours of fibres that Jane carries in her store.  Now – back to the regularly scheduled program – weaving!

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                        The construction on which the skeins are hung is ingenious.

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