Thoughts on 7.1 – Wool

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        Let us know your thoughts on 7.1 – Wool.

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          Is there a problem with the video? I’m unable to view any of them. Earlier I was able to.

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              Hmmmmmm – I just looked at the Wool episode using Safari and Firefox on my Mac, and they both worked. Maybe it was a glitch – can you try again and let us know if it’s working for you now? There is a section on the Knowledge Base under Website and a section called FAQs Housekeeping on the Forum that might help, if you are still having problems. Please let us know if you can’t get it sorted and we’ll see what we can do from our end.

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            Neva Thiessen

              I am a intermediate beginner spinner; this video was so helpful.  I learned the practical difference between woolen and worsted yarns and how to make boucle yarn.  Thanks!

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                Just to add a little bit of precision to the micron question: A micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter. It’s part of the metric measurement vocabulary.

                So a meter has 100 centimeters, a centimeter has 10 millimeters and a millimeter has 1000 microns.

                Fibre lower than 23 microns is very soft and comfortable next to the skin.



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                Deborah Fister

                  I love wool as a spinner and a knitter, but I have yet to use it in weaving except  for tapestry. I have 3 cones of wool from my trip to Ireland (Donegal tweed) and I need to find a project that will use it. Scarves maybe.

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                    Very interesting for me as a weaver and spinner at the same time. I certainly can’t resist making my own bouclé yarn for weaving. 🙂

                    I have a question – how does a mixture of materials in yarn / cotton + wool / and in fabric /e.g. wool/ behave after fabric finishing? Can’t some parts or stripes contract or bulge?

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                      It depends on how you finish it.  Gently handwashing shouldn’t cause too much difference in the shrinkage rate of two different fibres but more aggressive washing certainly will.

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                      GAIL HALKIAS

                        I have a merino question.  I’m a knitter too and am always careful to stay away from suppliers who use wool from merino sheep that have been mulesed.  I think I spelled that correctly.  It’s a cruel procedure and, at least with knitting yarns, you can usually find plenty of beautiful merino yarn that the manufacturer has sourced carefully and conscientiously.  The Jagger merino is from Australian sheep, which is where most of the mulesing is done.  But I know that within Australia, practices vary.  Does anyone have any information specifically about Jagger’s position on this?

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