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        Let us know your thoughts on 5.2.2 – Intro to Canvas Weave

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        D B F

          What would be the sett, etc. if this was done in 8/2 cotton?  Would it look as nice?

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          Sally Papin

            How does this work on my Ashford 4 harness rising shed, vs the Drawdown sinking shed.


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            Sue Anne Sullivan

              I have only woven a few lace structures- Huck and Swedish- and LOVE them. (The first huck I ever wove was using Jane’s huck tea towels kit and I went on to design huck scarves, placemats, etc.) So this morning when I first started watching this lesson, I paused the video and immediately searched online for a copy of Jane’s beloved Handwoven Laces book. I looked in some used book stores online and they were either out of stock or the book was EXTREMELY expensive. Then I found a copy in good condition (used, of course) through Amazon for only $34.  That said, I just checked again and tonight Amazon is offering used copies from $64 to $119.

              So— if you are interested in finding it…. start stalking your favorite used book sources and find a reasonable price!

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              Anita Prickett

                Check  I got a copy for just under $30 (used)

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                Sue Anne Sullivan

                  Excellent! This was a site I checked earlier today and they had no copies. Proof you need to check and double check sources!

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                    Very clearly explained.
                    The sound was fuzzy. I agree that it may be the low position of the mike that is causing this.
                    Thank you

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                    Danette Cross

                      Regarding plain weave and canvas weave:  I hook rugs as well as do a lot of other fiber arts, and have taken to weaving my own ‘warp cloth’, basically 12 epi 12 ppi plain weave using 8/4 (USA) cotton warp for both warp and weft, leaving a good negative space for a rug hook.  Canvas weave is a great structure for ‘monks cloth’ with that same 8/4 cotton warp yarn for both warp and weft.  Many Punch Needle Rug makers use only Monk’s cloth for the foundation of their rugs.  So these fabrics can really become an awesome foundation cloth for many other fiber arts. You’re ‘treatise’ on sett in relation to the warp thread really comes into play here, from Aida to “Primitive’ canvas linen. Primitive style rug hookers use a very open linen, sometimes plain weave, but better if done in canvas weave. So glad you are covering it!!

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                        Hi lovely people at JST,

                        A small group of us at the Whatcom Weavers Guild would like to work on the Canvas Weave samples in Season 5, using just one loom, and putting on enough warp for all of us.  Roughly, how much of the kit material would we need per person?  I’m anticipating there might be 3-4 people all together, each weaving her own samples.  Thanks!



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