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        Let us know your thoughts on 5.1.1 – Introduction to Season 5

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          It is great to be back!!!  Hope everyone is healthy and staying safe!!

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          D B F

            Looking forward to an exciting year.  Thank you Jane and dream team.

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            Corie E Greene

              Well I am over the moon!  Received my brand new 8 shaft loom today and then watched the intro to this new season…with the first episode designed for 8 shafts!! Wow!  Very excited about this first episode and super excited to learn all about the lace group!  This is going to be an exciting season.  Thank you Jane and Dream Team…you guys rock!

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                I’m very much looking forward to this year and thank you so  much for starting us eight shaft weavers off with something. Let’s weave!

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                Brenda Reimer

                  I just checked the site to find out the date of Season 5 episode 1 and how excited was I to see it has been posted. I just can’t wait for this season and am going to fill my coffee cup up to sit in and get cozy watching this first episode, yay!

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                  Lynn Shiner

                    How exciting that you got your loom!!! What kind of loom did you get? My Louet Spring II has been on order since September, and after several postponements (from Dec 2020) isn’t predicted to arrive until late May/early June, so I’ve been making do with a rigid heddle until then, but so eager to move on to more.



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                    Ila McCallum

                      So nice to be back!  My 8-shaft loom is waiting for a nice warp!

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                        Be patient, its worth the wait.


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                          Love the way you photograph the towels.

                          Any chance you would share how you light and set up “clothes line” for your photo shoots?

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                          Jeannette Frantz


                            Could you weave on the Jane during this season please.  I would really like to see a small project completed on this loom.

                            Thank you


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                              I’m excited!

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                              Carmen Kight

                                This episode inspired me to take another look at 8 shaft weaving as I have almost always woven on 4 shafts. Then I decided to get the parts to convert my counterbalance loom to a countermarch loom and I’m super excited to be exploring a whole new avenue of weaving.

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                                Paula Hiatt

                                  My LYS is trying to make room for the Spring II so I got a deal on their Spring floor model. Picking up what will become my new best friend tomorrow!! And it’s all thanks to Jane’s Louet YouTube video. That video was a joy to watch, as well as her guild classes which I just joined.

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                                    Judith Tarrant

                                      Hi Paula
                                      You will love it and find it so accommodating to the human operating it! I think the joy came from Jane’s video to me too, and led me to research what other people thought of them, and I asked my on line ‘guild’ members, some of whom owned one. The verdict seems quite unanimous, the Spring is a brilliantly designed loom. I love the ease of getting the tension exactly right, and consistent. Enjoy!

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                                      I have a lot to catch up on! I haven’t woven for two years since my husband died suddenly which knocked me for six. I haven’t done any spinning either but have been doing a lot of machine embroidery which I love. The amazing things you can make. I’m making a quilt at the moment, all on the embroidery machine except for sewing the blocks together. I digress! Weaving. I was making a blanket for my lovely hearing dog and it is still on the loom unfinished! In these days of lockdown (UK) I have been spending a lot of time in bed. I am disabled so I do find it easy to just stay in bed! Then I thought, I wanted to do something to get me back into weaving why not catch up on Janes online guild? Good idea! So now I have to start from where I left off which was sometime in Year three! I don’t do the samples as I find it hard enough to find the money for projects but I love to watch and see what others have done.  Sorry this is long!  I do tend to ramble!

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                                          Good to hear from you, Maggie and to learn that you are ready to get back into weaving.  Grief takes everyone on their own unique path to healing and hopefully weaving can help you on your journey.


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                                        Danette Cross

                                          So glad we’re doing something on 8 shafts!!

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                                            I am going to attempt my first 8 shaft project on my David!  I have a question about the tie ups however, since I have never done this before.  Do I tie up 1,5,6.7 all together? Then 2,5,6,8 etc?

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