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        Let us know your thoughts on 4.8.5 – Undulating Twill on Shadow Weave

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        Annie Lancaster

          This was such a great lesson for me! I did not understand shadow weave so avoided those patterns in Strickler.

          My daughter chose one of the patterns hoping I would make her a shrug.  I believe she will have it under the tree this Christmas.

          Once again, Jane, I cannot thank you and your staff enough for an amazing lesson. The filming and the content are exceptional.

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          Dayamitra Blenman

            This is Daya’s Husband Karma I can’t wait to explore shadow weave. Always loved it but the way you explained it has invigorated me to start. Many thanks Karma

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              Another wonderful episode Thanks Jane and her talented helpers , gotta love the colors.


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                I loved this pattern and have adapted it slightly to fit my 40cm Jane loom. I’ve used 2/20 silk sett at 18epi and I’m so pleased with it! Thank you Jane!


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                  I wasn’t going to do another gamp…but here we are in another COVID winter and I had my “parrot” colors. I am so glad I decided to go with it.  Watching the different patterns develop and playing around with it makes me smile – I am loving it. I previously avoided shadow weave as I grappled the pattern premise.  Now I get it!!!   Thanks for opening up a whole new weaving chapter for me.

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                    Hi Jane, I practice my shadow weave with alpaca and I made a scarf.  I woven with my new Louet Jane. It is very nice. I watched your video a couple of time and I continue to practice the technic shadow weave. Thank you!!128218055_828669201250548_3583709148392611751_nshaw127868025_721964445088604_821838219433315420_nfr

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                      I’m just double checking you about epi for undulating Shadow Weave.

                      16 epi/ppi?

                      the information in your yarn shop said 18-24 epi for twill and the Master Yarn Chart 30.

                      Thank you, i love the pattern.

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                      Corie E Greene

                        Wonderful episodes introducing Shadow Weave…Thank you for showing so many examples at the loom.   May I just check with you again about the theory and intended symmetry?   Atwater designed Shadow weave based on twills and at at the point whichever the weaver decides to pivot the design, the reversal is always symmetrical.  If one chooses to not make it symmetrical, it could be viewed as a ‘design element’?  The ‘shadow’ follows the opposites format – (1-3 and 2-4 and 3-1 and 4-2).  I hope I understand this correctly!?


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                            Reply from Jane …….

                            “Hi Corie, That is exactly right :)”

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