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        Let us know your thoughts on Fiberworks Weaving Software –  Mac version, lessons to

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          thank you you I understand Fiberworks much better. so happy to work with this program

          Diane Leblanc

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          How do you purchase the software at the JST price of $99?


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            Ive had my Fiberworks program for sometime but never have really taken the time to read all the I thank you so much for this episode and a “show me” that makes the understanding of the program so much easier for me.  I will start using it again.

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              I have been looking for an excuse to buy Fiberworks.  I used iWeaveIt on my iPad for awhile, and it was a fine place to start, but my iPad doesn’t have much memory and but I prefer using the computer anyhow.  I followed along with the free version on my computer while watching on my phone! The free version doesn’t seem to have the samples, so now I just need to figure out how to pay!  There is obviously a lot more to Fiberworks than had time to explain, but this is a great start. I love using funky weft materials so the ability to change the thickness is amazing to me!  I have been to several weaving workshops where they kind of whip through using it while presenting whatever the topic is, but it’s never slow enough for me to really grasp it! I love the handout and that I can always come back and re-watch my JST guild episodes. (Which is good because I have skipped MANY of them, because there’s no way I can keep up, or at this point I don’t have an interest in that topic, but who knows what I’ll want to know in the future!)  Thank-you to Bob for continuing this wonderful legacy that his wife got him started on.

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              Mardi Naythons

                I have been self learning Fiberworks and am doing pretty well with that, but a am really grateful to have it explained this way. There are some fine points that I missed along the way that are getting clarified in this presentation. Thank you. Also, Kudos to Bob for providing  the best customer service. What a delight.

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                  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  I now have a good foundation, and less fear to begin using a program with which I have struggled.  Once again, you have brought to me just what I needed when it was needed!

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                  Nancy L

                    Thank you! This was fabulous!

                    I considered myself proficient in Fiberworks Silver for Mac before watching these lessons because I have used a lot of its advanced features that I learned in Margaret Coe’s book titled 4-8 . . . Weave!

                    Bob’s lessons give GREAT tips and tricks on the basics. He has taken my knowledge to a whole new level! Thanks again!

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                      Thank you Bob and Jane for making Fiberworks instruction available this season.  I have been using Fiberworks Silver for MAC and attended your workshop in Prince George last summer Bob.  When I returned home we started a small study group at my guild to work together and become more proficient with Fiberworks.  Most of us are also members of Jane’s guild so we are doubly grateful for having access to all this great knowledge.  Having the Fiberworks episodes available allows me to go back and review your sessions Bob which is great.  Diane

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                          What a great idea Diane to have a study group!

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                          We are learning from the FiberWorks master! Thank you to all. This is magnificent!

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                            Hello Bob and Jane!
                            Thank you for your really clear and simple explanations of Fibreworks. I have been using it for some time now but I know that I am not using all the functions that I could.
                            Question: When using warp colour function can you make more than 2 different number and colour combinations? As in a gamp?
                            I used append and was able to get 2 different number and colour combinations but want more than this. Possible?
                            Cheers from Melbourne

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                            Lynn Hicks

                              Wowie Zowie Kapowie! My mind is blown! I’ve used FiberWorks for quite awhile but knew I wasn’t using the program’s full capacity. This is amazing! So excited to expand how I use this amazing tool!

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                                Well, that was the best explanation of Fiberworks ever!

                                So good to see and hear you again Bob.  Thank you, and thanks to Jane for arranging this.

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                                  Thanks so much! This was the best explanation of Fiberworks – and I’ve tried many different ways. I’ve owed it for 2 years and have enjoyed it – however now I will be able to use all the tricks. Thank you Bob and Jane.

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                                  Joan Irvine


                                    Very nice lessons. I have a question regarding incorporating exact color threads from a photo or website. For example if I wanted to use lemongrass tencel from WEBS yarn company how would I put that into the draft? Instead of using the pre selected color provided by Fiberworks.

                                    Thank you,


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                                        Hi Joan,

                                        You should be able to open up the colour wheel and try and match the closes to the lemongrass that you have.

                                        In the taps at the top of Fiberworks, click ‘Colors’ then ‘show color panel’

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