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        Let us know your thoughts on 4.10.1 – Season 4 finale!

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          Thank you! wonderful year of weaving – Shula


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            So much wonderful weaving!  Thank you!

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              Jane (and company)–

              How can I thank you enough?  Every episode was a delight, and I’m thrilled with how much I’ve learned yet again. Your presentation and organization are stupendous, and you never let us down.

              All the best from a very grateful guild member,


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              Jane Edgett

                There are so many hidden assets that come to life through your teaching. Sparks of recognition and inspiration send my
                mind to graph paper, color pencils, threads and finally the loom. Oh glorious time. What a gemstone capsule of time.
                Thank you, thank you a million times over. Till next season. Jane E.

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                  What a year. What inspiration and learning. Thank you all, so much, for sharing your talents and your love. It’s been the highlight of every month and I can’t wait for our next season together.

                  Thank you!

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                  Lynn Findlay

                    Loved the year and loved the recap. My mind is reeling from how much we learned! Thank you for a wonderful year of learning and thank you for naming everyone who has helped along the way. You are all amazing!

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                      Thank you all who put together the monthly videos!!  Another awesome year!!  I have learned so much from you Jane that it can’t be put into words!!  Have  a wonderful holiday season.  Stay healthy and stay safe.

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                        Thank you very much for the knowledge included in the fourth season. I send greetings to the whole team from Poland.

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                          6 pac weaveHad to show my take on the first session of this year. I have completed all sessions and am planning on the undulating twill scarf soon. I uses the two stripe session to created 6 men’s scarves as Christmas presents. By the time I got to number 5 I was bored with division in two so I did division in three. I used the same sequences in all the scarves, but rearranged their order so each would be different. Hope they like them. Looking forward to lace.

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                              Way to go, Dianne!  I’m sure they will love them.

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                            Dayamitra Blenman

                              Thank you, Jane, for all your work and help! Have a safe and happy season and my husband, Karma, and I will enjoy weaving with you again next year.

                              Dianne; fantastic work! Well done!!

                              Karma and I look forward to going back to the beginning episodes and weaving a curtain using cramming and denting. I love lace and have explored it a little and am looking forward to furthering my knowledge and skill next year. I love that you did some carpet squares, Jane! Karma is a rug and mat weaver and was truly inspired to see them.

                              Love to all.

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                                Jane- I loved every single second of the videos and have learned so much!
                                Thank you

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                                  Again, a great year of learning so much from you! You’re a fantastic teacher, very gifted and your sessions are worth every penny. In lockdown here in Western Australia, I went back over seasons 2 & 3 and will continue to harvest insights and learnings from season 4. Thank you (and the team) especially over the last twelve months. I wove heaps and I learned a lot. I am really looking forward to next year!
                                  best wishes for the holidays, stay safe and see you again in 2021. X Hils

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                                    Thank you, Jane, for teaching weaving concepts in a logical progression, concepts building on one another. You are filling in so many holes in my weaving knowledge. My random approach to weaving has left many questions that you are answering each Season. Looking forward to 2021. (And it HAS been a hard year, but your lessons have been a great creative escape from a lot of the hard stuff. Thanks to you and your team.)

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                                      Thank you so much

                                      thank you for helping to grow as a weaver

                                      thank you for inspiring me

                                      See next year

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                                      Brenda Reimer

                                        Thankyou for a wonderful weaving year once again. Looking forward to lace weaves in the new year!

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                                          I have finally finished the samples from season 3, starting on 4 and enjoying the journey.  I may be a season behind on the samples but I have learned so much and put it to use in other weavings.  Make the best of this strange holiday season and see you in the New Year.  In the meantime “Be calm, Be kind, Be safe.”

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                                              I started Season 2 on May 17, 2020, and have woven all the samples from Seasons 2, 3, and 4 with the weft faced twill warp currently tied up for the fourth series of samples! What a fun time I’ve had. Learned so much, gained so much confidence, and have head full of ideas for more projects! Bravo to the JST team!

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                                                  What a great shot Jane of all your woven samples! That’s amazing you got them all done in less than a year 🙂

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                                                  Those were all Season 4, and I just discovered that I missed four broken twill treadlings, so am now doing those to complete the weft faced twill material. Should have enough warp to make at least one little ruglet, as well.

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                                                      So much fun! And I ended up with eight “ruglets”—liked them better when they were off the loom.

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                                                          What an amazing resource you have created for yourself, Jane!  Well done 👏👏👏

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                                                          Thank you Jane and your Dream Team for keeping going during these difficult times.  Being from the UK I stayed up late every evening during the weeks you were weaving the Lockdown Towels.  I look forward every month in anticipation to your lessons.  I recommend your Guild to every Weaver, experienced or beginner, they could do no better than to join.  Now into our third Lockdown, I thank goodness that we have our craft to keep uplifted.  THANK YOU 😊 7B3E9035-56CA-43C6-A0F0-D135EFE045646887B242-5232-497F-853A-01A17C36062C

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                                                          Susan Favro

                                                            Searching, searching: I thought I saw a video where Jane did an advancing twill, but I’ve had no luck in finding it again. I searched the index topics (“advancing twill”), but it didn’t come up. Is there another name for advancing twill? Or can you let me know which video has that info. Thanks!

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                                                              Thanks for the great review of the year.  I am almost caught up with my episodes.  I got a gently used David last February (2020)  and have so enjoyed weaving the samples on this mighty loom.  Can’t wait to start season 5 but first a few more season 4 samples to do.  Take care, stay safe and healthy.


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