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        Let us know your thoughts on 3.5.3 – Warp Faced at the Table.

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          Fabulous! I enjoyed every second of this Episode. My mind is whirling with design ideas. Thank You Jane. Once again you’ve made an exciting episode, teaching me new skills and driving home older ones. Can’t wait to get to playing.

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            This was fun! Thank you for another great time at the loom.

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              Perfect timing, my sister just asked me to make her a set of placemats that are easy care, and this weave structure is perfect! I have made inkle bands before, that gave a foundation for warp faced weaving, but you added so much more information. Thank you Jane!

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                Hi Jane, like all your episodes, I loved this warp faced lesson. I’ve been exploring Rep and you insights really helped me better understand the color effects, as well as improve my technique — thanks so much!.

                An idea for all, instead taking time to use a sword to open up the shed, I place the thick warp on a stick shuttle and it doubles as a sword to get a really clean shed. Just another options for some.


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                joan horwich

                  Hi- I am about to tackle a warp faced project and have 8/4 cotton and 8/4 cotton for rug warp – can I use both in the warp?  The yarn designated for rug warp seems to be more tightly wound

                  Thanks,  joan


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                      Hi Joan, I think it would depend on the end-use.  If it were to get a lot of wear and tear by being walked on, then I might want a stronger warp but for something like placemats, a table runner or …….. you should be fine!

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